Career Pathways

Students at St John’s are guided as they explore possible academic pathways through university or TAFE, school-based apprenticeships (SBAs), traineeships or work. In addition to structured career planning sessions, university expositions and information evenings, personal career counselling and advice is available to all students.

At St John’s we encourage and support students who want to take practical steps to start working in, or training for their chosen careers. This includes school-based apprenticeships (SBAs), traineeships and work experience placements. These school-based programs involve the interaction and cooperation of the school, parents, employers, and the student as well as training providers and registered employment/ apprenticeship agencies. Opportunities such as these allow students to:

  • Get paid and gain workplace skills while attending school
  • Receive qualifications in a chosen field
  • Allow students to learn from and engage in the working environment
  • Additionally, school-based positions provide an alternative to leaving school by allowing students to continue with the core curriculum while starting a career. Certificate level studies accompanying these programs will contribute significantly toward QCE eligibility.

To discuss these opportunities or if you have any questions, please call the school careers officer or for more information see the St John’s Curriculum Handbook.