Social Justice

Service Program

At the start of each year, students and teachers are asked to consider being part of the Service Focus Groups, giving of their own time in order to connect with people who may be marginalised from society. These groups visit the different organisations in our town of Roma, where there is a need, such as:

  • Pinaroo – a retirement village with provision for low care facilities
  • St Vincent de Paul Vincentan Village – Aged Single Men’s Accommodation
  • Tea and Talk – Afternoon tea for the older members of our parish, held at St John’s School

The focus groups are generally made up of one or two teachers and several students who visit the different organisations either weekly or fortnightly after school on Wednesday or on Thursday mornings.

Students talk and interact with the people involved in these activities, providing the opportunity for a sense of connectivity with a broad range of community members, whilst also living out the mission of Jesus Christ.

Being of service to others in need in the community is one of the most valuable leaning experiences that any young person can have during their time at school.