Student Welfare

St John’s aims to develop a student’s self-esteem, personal direction and be aware of your child’s overall wellbeing and care. Working in partnership with parents and care-givers, we aim to nurture and support our students to understand and accept their own individuality, their own giftedness and their limitations as well as help direct them into the right career opportunities.


At times, students need help to manage issues that are happening in their lives, this occurs across all age groups an ability levels.

The complex lives of young people, and the complexities of school demands, assessments, school, home and life pressures all can have a toll on young people. Issues with friendships and becoming a young adult, negotiating the social world for both younger as well as the older students can be challenging.

Counseling can help students develop the skills and confidence they need to be more independent in the future, as well as learning important skills in the present, to help them deal with the pressures they may face while at school.

In today’s world learning and having a high academic achievement, while desirable is NOT the main quality in securing success in the adult world.

Important skills that students should be learning in terms of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is just as IF NOT MORE important than high academic ability.

In St John’s we wish to instill in students of all ages and ability levels that being a respectful, honest and self-reflecting person combined with good work ethic, compassion and empathy is what each St John’s student should strive for.

In Counseling, this ultimate goal is what we hope to achieve.

School Counsellors are an important part of the educational leadership team and provide valuable assistance to students regardless of whether they work in an elementary school or middle school, high school or beyond.

At St Johns School, our students emotional and mental health is of our utmost importance.

If you any concerns about your child or if your child would like to discuss issues in a safe trusting empathic environment, please do not hesitate to make an appointment at: 07 46221842 and ask to speak to the School Guidance Counsellor.