Work at St John’s

St John’s School is situated in Roma, approximately 470 km west of Brisbane, Queensland. It is a Catholic co-educational School of approximately 750 students from Kindy to Year 12.

St John’s School was established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1881. It was through the great work of the Sisters of Mercy that St John’s is here today.

The town of Roma is a rich pastoral and wheat-growing district, as well as being the hub of coal seam gas mining. It is a busy regional town, not only serving local community but also the outlying towns and the mining community. Roma is a six hour drive or a one hour flight from Brisbane. Temperatures in Roma range from 34°C in summer to 20°C in winter and winter minimums can drop below freezing, however it seldom gets colder than -5°C. For more information regarding Roma, see the website links below.

St John’s School achieves a high standard of education aiming to provide a holistic education for the children in its care: spiritually, academically, socially, physically and culturally.

St John’s staff of over 100 people are a wonderful team of committed teachers who work hard as a team to inspire and motivate the students on their journey of learning. Staff are encouraging and caring of the students and supportive of each other. Strong friendships are formed, being in a smaller community that brings unity and happiness into the staffroom.

In the spirit of our motto Future in Faith, teachers become mentors for students and actively promote the values of the school:

  • Compassion
  • Justice
  • Respect
  • Excellence

St John’s very much values the role that all teachers and staff play in education and in doing so looks forward to expressions of interest by anyone who may wish to join the school in its mission.