Learning Technology

St John’s provides a range of technology solutions to support student learning. Prep and lower primary have access to iPads to help deliver the curriculum at this level.

These devices provide the opportunity for exciting learning experiences, supporting important goals relating to literacy and numeracy. In Years Five and Six, students have access to a dedicated class set of laptops for each year level. This provides the opportunity for technology to be integrated into classroom experiences at the upper primary level.

All students in Years seven to twelve have a personal laptop computer. These devices are integral to student learning across the curriculum. They are also provided with an Office 365 account which gives students access to a comprehensive suite of tools that are part of our Learning Management System (LMS). This provides a robust platform to support and manage student learning.

The school is now connected to the NBN to support intensive cloud-based activities, collaboration and data storage. Due to cloud, storage students have access to all of their files and projects regardless of location as long as they can connect to the internet.