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Welcome to St John’s Catholic School.  I hope this website gives you a real insight into the spirit of our School, as well as hosting the most up-to-date information for current and prospective parents.


St John’s School was founded by the Sister of Mercy in 1881.  Catherine McAuley established the Sisters of Mercy in 1827 to focus on addressing the injustices in society.      St John’s values stem from this humble and prayerful woman who had unbounded confidence in God.  The values act as a moral compass and guide us in building strong relationships based upon Christian love.


Our four guiding values are:

Respect – we are concerned for and considerate of other people’s feelings and experiences.

Justice – we promote the just and fair treatment of all.

Excellence – we challenge all at St John’s to achieve your potential, in being the best in “who” you are and “what” you do

Compassion – we understand that there are people in the world experiencing pain and we must empathise with people’s differing perspectives of life.


We are a P-12 coeducational catholic school of approximately 760 students. Our key focus is on creating and providing opportunities for all students to achieve excellence in all areas of their educational journey, including spiritual, academic, sporting, cultural and social education.   At St John’s School, we focus on developing the whole child, providing relevant and current learning experiences which position them to make a difference in their community and to act as responsible and caring global citizens.


The School offers an inclusive and diverse curriculum which caters for all needs and abilities. We have high expectations of all learners; learning should be enjoyable and rewarding, but always accompanied by excellent standards in the classroom. Consistently maintained standards and expectations reinforce the development of self-discipline and self-respect based on Gospel values.


High expectations of students require them to demonstrate appropriate personal pride, through the way that they conduct and present themselves both at school and in the community.


At St. John’s, we acknowledge parents as the first and foremost educators of their children. We believe in working with families to guide students through the many stages of growth towards perceptive understanding, responsible self-direction, and religious and moral autonomy.


Please accept our invitation to be part of the St John’s family.


Jim Brennan