Learning Support

At St John’s, the Learning Support team works in partnership with:

  • parents
  • teachers,
  • school officers,
  • advisory visiting teachers
  • and health professionals

to optimise our students learning opportunities and their interaction within the classroom and wider school community.


We provide support to a range of students including:

  • Gifted and talented students
  • English as a Second Language students
  • Students With Disabilities
  • Students with learning difficulties


We support teachers with:

  • bandscaling of ESL students
  • advice on appropriate diagnostic testing
  • adjusting and in some cases modifying programs
  • providing support materials.

This assists our teachers to best cater for the individual needs of our students. Weekly Special Needs Meetings are held at which teachers are given the opportunity to raise concerns regarding student progress.

The Learning Support Office is located in the school library; our door is always open to assist those needing advice.