School Board

The St John’s School Board is a community of leaders who share in the educational and pastoral leadership responsibilities of the Principal and Spiritual Leader (Parish Priest). The primary responsibilities of the board are to nurture and celebrate the spirituality of the school, support processes developed by the school staff aimed at improving student learning and monitor and review the school’s operations, finance, building and risk and compliance obligations.

The Board operates under a set of general and binding principles which are:

  • The Love of Christ
  • The Role of Parents
  • Faithfulness to the Mission of the Church
  • Church Solidarity
  • Support for the Common good
  • Embracing the poor
  • Educational Quality
  • Participation
  • Inclusiveness
  • Unity in Diversity
  • Stewardship of resources
  • Rule of Canon Law


The School Board comprises six elected members and two ex-officio members, the Principal, the Spiritual Leader (Parish Priest).

School Board members are as follows:

  • Mr Jim Brennan, Principal
  • Fr Tom Duncan, Parish Priest
  • Mr Jason Coonan, Chairperson
  • Mrs Belinda Hayward, Business Manager St John’s
  • Ms Michelle Filan
  • Mrs Denise Mulligan
  • Mr Paul Upton
  • Mr Shaun Nolan
  • Mrs Natalie Packer
  • Mr Myles Cartwright


Expressions of interest in serving the School Board are welcomed and should be directed to the Chairperson of the Board, Mr Jason Coonan, or telephone the school, (07) 46 221 842.