Students in Xaverian are divided into five Pastoral Care groups, each with a mixture of students from years 7-12.

Students will meet as a group twice a day, morning and afternoon to mark the roll, receive notices and perform other administrative tasks. However extra time is given within these periods to ensure that students can build positive relationships with each other and their teachers.

We recognise that all students are at a different level of the continuum of development. Our program is carefully constructed to allow positive relationships to develop with their fellow peers and their teachers as they grow through these years.

A three-tiered support system fundamentally exists within each of the Xaverian Pastoral Care groups. The first level is the students themselves. With their daily interaction with each other they provide a peer level of support for each other, in all matters surrounding the daily life at school.

Secondly each of our Pastoral Care groups have two dedicated teachers, whose role is to ensure the wellbeing of each of the students in the group. The form teacher is a daily, consistent point of contact for these students. The form teacher is there to provide support, assistance and guidance for the students. These teachers are also the first point of call for parents regarding any issue or concern you may have about your child. This teacher can then liaise with your child’s subject teachers and the Pastoral Leader to ensure your child is actively achieving their best whilst at school.

Finally the Pastoral Leader oversees the Pastoral Care program and welfare of all students in the House. They provide additional support for the teachers and students in their house and assist in the development of the whole person: spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually.