The Pastoral Care Program at St John’s School offers students the opportunity to explore real life experiences.

The Pastoral Care teachers work closely with the Pastoral Leader to promote a fun, compassionate and encouraging learning environment. Through this program students are developing the skills and abilities necessary to face the challenges of life. It is here where Marian, as a family, collectively supports, nurtures and motives each other to succeed.

Marian is divided into five Pastoral Care groups who meet daily, morning and afternoon, for administration – roll marking, notices. Pastoral Care groups also meet every Wednesday for a Pastoral Care lesson. Pastoral Care groups comprise students from Years 7-12 which allow students to interact on a social level and to support each other. In Marian House, each student has a three-tiered support system within their vertical house structure: fellow students, two class Pastoral Care teachers, and their Pastoral Leader. The vertical house structure enables younger students to form relationships with older students. The Pastoral Care teacher acts as each student’s first point-of-call. They relate to students as individuals, helping each student to feel noticed and matter. The Marian Pastoral Leader oversees the organisation and pastoral needs of their students. They are the contact person for non-curriculum issues parents may want to convey.

Marian shadows the motto of Mighty and Glorious. We, as Marian, are mighty and glorious. We are the lions of the school. Lions demonstrate courage and faith in their natural environments. They watch over their cubs and lead the pride of other lions. In the wild, they teach us to hold our heads high, even in times of conflict, to conduct ourselves with dignity. A lion is a symbol of strength. Marian is a symbol of strength and together we nurture this strength. As Marians, we need to release this strength and courage in order to lead both in the classroom and in life. A lion paces in every one of our hearts. So I ask you, what quickens yours?

What makes your lion roar?